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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  April 14, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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the rain moved in early this morning and it has no chance of moving out of here before your afternoon commute. complete check of storm team 4 radar coming up. a look at why a search on google maps showed edward snowden visiting the white house. right now, news conference is just getting started announcing legal action for this 9-year-old boy shot in the head outside his d.c. apartment building. the reviews are pouring in. riders are describing these new metro cars as clean and even very fancy. we start with chuck bell in the storm cent we are a rainy forecast.
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chuck? >> absolutely right. the rain moved in just before the sun came up early this morning and continued to rain steadily ever since. rain continues all the way from the mason-dixon line into parts of southern maryland and the train of moisture is going nowhere fast. there's a cold front slow he going to inch down to the south. it will slowly turn the rain chances off an probably won't get past the d.c. metro area until way after the sun goes down tonight. steady rain all the way from northern maryland down to southern maryland at this point in time and so plan on needing the umbrella the rest of today. 65 now but temperatures will be sliding backwards for the remainder of the afternoon. take a look at the rest of the forecast coming up. at the live desk if you check google maps right now, you are going to find edward snowden in the white house. so what's this all about? a hack of sources landed a fake store in the middle of the executive mansion.
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take a look. according to marketing land noticing that listing, someone changed the address of a verified maps location. they can do this. at last check, snowden has asylum in russia. six months ago a little boy was shot in the head in d.c. and his family is opening a lawsuit in response. take a look. this is jayden last december. he survived but the family says they don't want anything like this to happen again and holding a news conference right now to say they're suing the mayfair mansioning complex where the shooting happened. we'll go in-depth in 30 minutes. montgomery county firefighters say no one was nurt a big fire at an apartment complex in silver spring this morning on wayne avenue still partly shut down. in this video, you can see smoke pouring out of some windows and fire burning in others.
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the building was evacuated. it's not clear when the people who lived there will be able to get back inside though. angie? another fire burning on the other side of the beltway. take a look at this aerial view. see the firefighters there on the ground outside of the townhouse in alexandria. this is video of chopper 4. this home is on riply drive and we're told no one was hurt in this fire. well for the first time ever some of you are boarding the brand new 7,000 series rails cars. the trains debuted today on the blue line and news 4's transportation reporter adam tuss is tweeting the photos all morning long and joining us now outside in the rain outside of a metro station. and these things have been on the tracks for a few hours. when's the feedback from riders? >> reporter: from everything i have seen all smiles. you know this is the first time since 2006 a new metro train has hit the tracks and it did not
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disappoint disappoint. >> good morning, folks. welcome aboard metro rail. it's the new 7,000 train. >> reporter: with that off and running. the best way to describe it upgraded. seriously upgraded with lots of flat screen monitors better seats, no carpet. here we are on board the first trip on the new 7,000 series rail shout it out. how is it? >> fantastic! >> reporter: i'm told none of these people work for metro and enjoying the trip and new shades to go along with the first trip and the excitement. >> oh man. this is an awesome train right here. >> reporter: what makes it so good? >> the exterior interior, everything about the train. even the voice announcements. you know? everything about it is beautiful. >> reporter: and about those announcements -- >> this is the blue line train to largo town center. >> reporter: they're pretty good. some riders say it's time they saw this kind of upgrade.
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>> first started riding about five years ago, in the $3 range. now the $5 range and absolutely you want to get the most bang for your buck. >> reporter: we caught up with the board chair saying they're safer and stronger. >> the car may get damaged. the customer shouldn't be. >> reporter: a new day for the second busiest subway system in the country. now metro leaders tell us that next new train should roll out in the next couple of weeks and the red line is expected to get that one. back to you. >> all right. adam thanks so much. looks like they have to save the shades for another day. try to stay dry. >> reporter: we will. well they have only played seven games and if you're a nats fan you are probably uneasy about the team's slow start to the season. the nats are just 2-5 right now. they're in boston right now getting ready to play tonight. things didn't go that well yesterday at fenway with the sub par first pitch of tom brady. it hit the dirt. lots of you weighed in on
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twitter on this one saying the red sox should have deflated the ball. a reference to the controversy of the playoff run of the patriots and downhill from there at least for the nats. zimmerman gave up eight runs and a home run. so that brings us to the question -- is it too soon to panic about the nationals slow start? take our survey texting 202-601-3444. 1 for yes. 2 for no. or weigh in on the nbc washington facebook page. hillary clinton is campaigning and getting a lot of attention for the choice of food. plus rita wilson opens up about her battle with cancer. why she says she will recover. how you can try your hand
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here are just some of the
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stories lighting up social media today. hillary clinton is already on the campaign trail. the first stop -- iowa. and it seems the presidential campaign requires a lot of carbs. clinton stopped by a chip out l ohio. a manager said the candidate ordered a chicken bowl a chicken salad and fruit juice. last week it was kelly clarkson defending her curves. this week it is pink. there she is. after comments about her weight pink took to twitter to say, i'm fine. i'm perfectly happy. and my healthy crazy strong body is getting some well deserved time off. she says thanks for your concern. love cheesecake. what are you seeing today? what's lighting up your social media? >> this perhaps giving way too much attention to. this is the 150th anniversary of the pony express. so our friends at google have come up with just a little bit
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of horse play as you can see. it's created this doodle interactive video game and a lot of people are doing it and it's just basically the horse, control it with the finger. easier to do on an ipad than a desk top, i'll tell you. you try to collect the mail. watch out for the cactuses. trust me this gets addictive. you probably won't get a lot of work done once you start playing. why don't you give it
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the prosecution is urging jurors to reject the insanity plea of an alexandria man accused of killing a d.c. corrections official last fall. the man faces a first-degree murder charge in the death of
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carol cross. julie carey is in the courtroom for the trial and says opening statements this morning the prosecutor said that cross was struck 15 times with a wrench before he duct taped a plastic bag over her head. he allegedly decided to kill someone after an argument with his mother. prorls said he didn't know cross and killed her, quote, because he didn't like the way she looked at him. after the crime, he slashed the wrists and called 911. he later confessed to the crime. the toernls say he was in the grips of acute psychosis and should not be found guilty of murder. julie carey will have more on news 4 this afternoon. >> thank you. we are learning more about a story of washington state. a young couple and their baby were killed when a concrete slab of a project fell from a bridge on to their truck. the construction site is part of a project to make city sidewalks safer for pedestrians. crews were tearing down part of the existing bridge near tacoma
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last night when part of it fell. the road wasn't closed. police there express condolences on twitter saying their thoughts and prarls are with the victims. talk about ruining a spring break. apparently hundreds of people have come down with vomiting and diarrhea aboard two san diego-bound cruise ships. more than 100 passengers and crew aboard the celebrity infinity were sickened by the highly contagious norovirus. a second ship will arrive any minute now we're told and not clear what sickening more than 115 people aboard that ship. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. it's not all that cold outside just yet but temperatures are sliding backwards. we were in the upper 60s earlier this morning before the rain moved in. right now, 63 gaithersburg. and there you can see across the metro area nothing all that heavy out there around the
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immediate d.c. metro. just down to the south, moderate rain and rain out here across northern ports of loudon county and moderate rain showers. southbound along 301. hourly temperatures here they keep going down down down. back down into the 50s by 5:00 6:00 haven't gone outside yet, have a warm layer on top of your rain jacket. >> all right, chuck. right now, for the first time the new iraqi prime minister at the white house. he and the president are discussing the battle of isis. the pentagon says isis has been driven off 25% of the land they held at the height of their advance. the u.s. wants a much smaller role for militias in that fight. >> so we hope congress will listen carefully and ask the questions that it wants but also give us the space and the time to be able to complete a very difficult task which has high stakes for our country.
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>> right now, secretary of state john kerry briefing senators on the negotiations with iran. he had repeatedly asked for more time and may not get it. in just the last hour the senate foreign relations committee chairman announced a deal is given to give congress more say. the bill requires approval for a deal before u.s. sanctions are dropped. the committee will vote this afternoon on that bill. sanctions are critical to agreement with iran. the foreign minister just this morning slammed them saying no good deal can come with a threat of sanctions looming. later this year you get a chance to look inside this. one of the oldest buildings on national mall. the 134-year-old arts and industries building is next to the smithsonian castle. it's closed since 2005 for a major renovation. well officials hope to turn it into an innovation center but scrapped the plans because of financial pressure. the acting secretary of the smithsonian now says it will
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reopen for short term exhibitions later this year. a trip to the pharmacy costing you more and it's not your imagination. a look at how much more after this break. if you run over somebody it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags.
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welcome back. virginia was a subject of a poll saying a lot of you support legalizing marijuana in some form. taking a look at the map, we
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want a closer look at the numbers in virginia. double clicking that real quick. it looks like the poll asked about both medical and personal pot use and a majority approved of both. now of the 950-plus voters asked about this 86% said that they supported legalizing pot use for medical use preskribled by the doctor. 86%. there you go. just 11% were actually against it. now we want to look at some other numbers. 54% of voters told quinnipiac university researchers they supported legalizing the drug for personal use, too. 41% opposed it including a majority of republican voters and those older than age of 55. get this barbara. when asked if they would use pot if it were legal, 69%, nearly 70% said definitely not. >> thank you. we have new video just in to the newsroom of a plane that skidded off the runway in japan
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today. more than 20 passengers were injured when the plane went off the runway and then turned around after landing in hiroshima and shut down the airport. a-320 has 74 passengers on board. everyone was evacuated and no serious injuries were reported. they told emergency responders part of the aircraft may have touched the huntway in the landing. more from the live desk. back the you. >> thank you. a surprising tweet of "people" magazine about the health of rita wilson. the actress and wife of tom hanks has breast cancer. she's undergone a double mastectomy and surgery. the health crisis forced her to take a leave from "fish in the dark" play and in a statement to "people" she said quote, i am recovering and most importantly expected to make a full recovery. why? because i caught this early, have excellent doctors and because i got a second opinion.
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end quote. right now, hillary clinton is in iowa to meet with voters there for the first time since she announced her 2016 bid. she's meeting with community college students. for now, she's skipping the massive rallies and high-dollar fund raising events. as promised holding low key meetings and asking for small donations online. experts say she could top $1 billion president obama raised in 2012. on the republican side, florida senator rubio is facing an early test here in washington. he is expected to vote this afternoon in committee on a bill to give congress more say over a nuclear agreement with iran. incredible timing foreign policy is a major focus for the presidential campaign. the freshman senator spoke to nbc's matt lauer this morning shrugging off comparisons to president obama who also ran as a freshman. >> the reason why barack obama
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struggled at president is not because he served two and a half years in the senate before running. i don't care if it's 20 years. his ideas haven't worked. >> little later in the hour whether hillary clinton's road trip to iowa is helping her make inroads. chuck? thank you. your weather headlines for a rather soggy tuesday, the rain is going to continue for the remainder of the daylight hours for sure. sunshine will be making a bit of a comeback before tomorrow and more chances for rain in time for the weekend. today's a lost cause to the raindrops. tomorrow plenty of clouds first thing in the morning and clearing out and we should be back to fair amounts of sunshine tomorrow afternoon with temperatures in the mid and upper 60s. here's the way the next four days look. showers and falling temperatures today. sunshine back tomorrow. a little chance for rain late in the day on thursday. better chance on friday. we'll talk more and more about that weekend. a new report says spending
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on prescription drugs rose to $374 billion last year. that's the biggest increase since 2001. as demand surged for an expensive breakthrough drug for hepatitis-c and mass drugs, cancer brand name med sinls and few new generics and doesn't expect a similar jump this year. a feel-good story many of you are taking notice of on
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well it's not what you'd expect to see hiding under a home. you are looking at a mountain lion. technicians got the surprise of their lives installing equipment at the home in los angeles yesterday. animal control officers say the cat weighs at least 150 pounds. officers tried coaxing him out with a tennis bawl launcher and bean bags but he is not budging.
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they have now cleared off the area hoping the big cat will come out on his own. wonder how they know it's a boy and not a girl. >> i don't know. i don't think it mat earls. i would be so scared! thanks barbara. okay. so this restaurant owner in oklahoma left a real heartwarming note for a person dumpster diving for food. after noticing some torn trash bags the owner of pb jams took action. instead of ignoring the person she left them this note. take a look. she invites the dumpster diver to come and get some food on the house. well this story's going viral this morning. she also posted the note to the restaurant's facebook page inviting others to offer a helping hand. so kind. one thing to talk the talk but to walk the walk. >> i know. >> set an example like that. >> you don't want anybody to go hungry. >> no. i wouldn't be surprised if they didn't get a bunch of donations,
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how would you feel if your flight was turned around because a worker was taking a nap in the cargo hold? that's exactly what happened to an alaska airline airplane. the los angeles-bound flight headed back to seattle yesterday after the pilot heard banging and screaming coming from underneath the plane. the plane was in the air for about 14 minutes before it turned around. a ramp worker found inside the holding area. he wasn't hurt and he told first responders that he was just taking a nap. i shot him. i'm sorry. >> a reserve sheriff's deputy in oklahoma is charged with manslaughter. the video plays out that the deputy shooting a suspect after he was tackled to the ground during an undercover operation. this gentleman right here. well the deputy says he thought his gun was his stun gun. the suspect was taken to the
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hospital where he died from his injuries. the 73-year-old deputy has been a reserve deputy since 2008. comedian and talk show host stephen colbert is receiving a special honor today. colbert and four others are getting the army's outstanding civilian service award. it's the third highest honor for civilian public service and best known, of course for comedy central show "the colbert show" and a contributor and fund-raiser for numerous organizations. chuck, we have more rain coming? >> lots more. don't put the umbrella away just yet. temperatures are drop boog the upper 50s now in parts of northern loudon county. mid to 60s around town. radar continues to show light to moderate rain across much of the area right now. and this rain will be with us for the remainder of the
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daylight hours and the weather front inches down to the south but moisture coming north and cold air south means right there in the middle of the squeeze play and that means rain chances continue all the way through the remainder of the afternoon and temperatures continue to fall. tomorrow the sunshine back but it is not a lot of sun in the seven-day forecast. chance of rain thursday night and pretty good chance on friday and both tay days this weekend particularly saturday with a solid chance for rain. >> oh. all right, chuck. thank you. well it's free doan day at ben & jerry's shops across the country. and you can head to nbc washington facebook page. we have posted all of the details there if you want the know where to get a free cone. the company says this is their way of thanking their customers. they want you to instagram the pics. #freeconeday. it's a break police have been hoping for. this man captured hours ago, accused of a shooting on a
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college campus. and a look at what
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time to get you caught up in a matter of seconds. we start with a problem of google maps this morning. >> this is embarrassing barbara. if you navigate the white house in google maps you will see edwards snow den. listed inside that building. marketing land first noticed the problem and notified google. apparently changing a listing's
11:32 am
location on google maps can be done by registered users. let's take a look at storm team 4 radar. still covered in green. rain expected to still hang around most of the day. chuck is back in just a few minutes with what we can expect once the wet weather moves out of here. and we're very hopeful that this dialogue will be very productive. >> secretary of state john kerry on capitol hill for a second day in a row. he is in closed door meetings with senators about the iran nuclear deal. despite the plea for patience a senate committee set to vote on a bill to give congress a chance to weigh in on any final nuclear agreement. hey, look the future arrived to metro's blue line. this is inside the new 7,000 series car. the new train took its maiden voyage this morning. the train cars with new digital displays and no carpet.
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the second rail cars will arrive sometime next month. the man accused of shooting and killing a former boss at a community college in north carolina is behind barrels. he was arrested overnight in daytona beach, florida. he was found asleep on a beach holding a knife. the 20-year-old is accused of murdering ron lane at wayne county community college in goldsboro yesterday, about an hour southeast of raleigh. the school says he was a former work study student at the print shop where lane worked. 24 hours later, police are still looking for a man who police say killed his wife in a dunkin8 @ donuts. according to police patel beat his wife to death. we sent you a breaking news alert yesterday on the app when the news broke. his wife was found in the kitchen area of the shop. this is in hanover. she was just 21 years old. and right now the family of a 9-year-old boy who was shot in the head and survived wants to
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make sure your kids are safe. news 4 is live downtown with more on the lawsuit that's just been filed. good morning. >> reporter: yes, the news conference just ended minutes ago here outside the law offices of the john cochran firm. we have been following this story on news 4 very closely from the beginning of jayden's fight to survive. and now his family this morning is lashing out at d.c.'s crime lab accusing it of dragging its feet delays the processing of evidence from the crime scene. and this morning, we have learned the family has filed a $50 million civil lawsuit in d.c. supreme court saying inadequate security measures led to jay den's near fatal bullet wound to the head. he was not at this morning's news conference and heard from his mother who was visibly emotional.
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>> this time has been very difficult for jayden and i since october 3rd. it's been very rough for my family but he's a fighter. he's doing much better today considering he was given only 35 minutes to live. i would hate to see another family go through what i've been through with jayden. >> reporter: once again, that is $50 million lawsuit aimed directly at the owners of mayfair mansions apartments. the management and security company responsible at the complex in northeast d.c. the remarkable recovery continues with the bullet in his head and we have heard from d.c. police. there have been no arrests in this case. we're live in northwest d.c. back to you. >> thank you, molette. let's check with chuck again. will we see the sun today? >> no sun for you or any of us for the matter for the rest of
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the day. i declare that spring has to be here. what makes it officially spring? at least in my opinion, 80 degrees first time this year yesterday afternoon. last time 80 degrees or warmer october 28th so 5 1/2 months of waiting led to the 80-degree day yesterday. still mild mid-60s around town and cooler into the 50s across much of northern maryland the cooler air settling in for the remainder of the overnight. radar still covered up with the rain drops right now and it will be until about 9:00 or 10:00 tonight. all right. cue the "eye of the tiger." this morning, a first look at the upcoming rocky spinoff thanks to sly stall loan himself. look at this photo. this shot from the film "creed" shows stall loan as rocky training. the movie itself revolving
11:37 am
around the son of boxer creed and filmed where else -- philadelphia right. well the facebook post that proves you have to work hard even in the offseason.
11:38 am
taking a look at when's trending this morning. facebookers viewed this video more than 3 million times. texan's defense end found a new and exciting way to announce the new deal with reebok. he jumped a 61-inch box to show us the reeboks have a lot of bounce in them. social media editor britney johnson is here with what's hot on the nbc washington app this morning. brittany? >> this is 50 years since the assassination of president lincoln own this week there's several events happening to mark the anniversary. we also have a feature page that features all different types of articles about president lincoln. we have different artifactings that were seen in his presidency
11:39 am
and also the day he was shot and killed. we have history on how the lincoln memorial came about and more of the details to find out at or our facebook page. >> thank you. "star trek" fans listen up. apple added a vulcan salute and doesn't appear on the default. finally the instructions on how to use it are flooding social media this morning. live long and prosper. we're back.
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if you run over somebody it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags. new today, nigeria president-elect said he cannot promise to find the more than 200 schoolgirls abducted a year ago. there's still no word on the whereabouts of the girls a. new report reveals that 2,000 women and girls have been abducted in nigeria since the start of 2014. as nbc's stephanie gosk
11:41 am
explains thousands have been killed and more than a million women are displaced. >> reporter: at a small high school in oregon, three survivors of boko haram go to school. a world away from the conflict in nigeria. grace who did not want to appear on camera said she was one of 276 schoolgirls kidnapped a year ago by the group. boko haram came in the middle of the night posing as the military and kidnapped the girls at gun point. a day later, grace says she told her captors she was going to the bathroom. instead, she ran for her life. today the 18-year-old is studying in the u.s. on a scholarship. the kidnapping triggered international outcry and a viral twitter campaign. bring back our girls was tweeted more than 5 million times. with politicians and celebrities leading the charge. but a year later, the cause has
11:42 am
lost steam. 219 of the girls are still missing. >> we want them back. and we want the whole world to rise up and demand that the girls should be bra brought back. >> reporter: on the anniversary of the kidnapping cities around the world planning a global schoolgirl march. these students in l.a. are taking part. >> i want to propel people and encourage them to take the next step to not just know about this and learn about it but also to see what can i do? how can i help? >> reporter: a year later, help is still needed. stephanie gosk reporting there. you can watch a special web cast on the lost girls and what has happened since they've been kidnapped at 1:30 on our website. the iraqi prime minister visited the white house for the first time. they discussed the battle against the terror group isis. the pentagon says isis is driven off of 25% of the land they held
11:43 am
at the height of the advance. the u.s. wants a much smaller for militias of iran in the fight but it's a tough sell for iraqis desperate for help. chuck? drizzly and chilly outside in northern maryland in the mid-50s for martinsville west virginia. still sitting in the comfortable 60s by comparison. d.c. metro forecast for the remainder of the day, temperatures continuing to fall. we should all be in the 50s by 4:00 5:00 this afternoon and then moderate rain coming in late this afternoon and slow down the rush hour for sure. the weather slow downs this afternoon and evening, red light conditions. tomorrow, back to green light we go. probably before you wake up tomorrow morning the rain drops will be gone and sunshine back by tomorrow afternoon with temperatures back up into the mid and upper 60s. >> looking forward to that. chuck, thanks. a young couple and baby were killed when a concrete slab of a sidewalk construction project
11:44 am
fell from a bridge on to their truck. it is part of a project to make city sidewalks safer for bicyclists and pedestrians in washington state. they were touring down the existing bridge and part of it right there fell on the road. the road wasn't closed off since the bridge was never supposed to be torn apart. police expressing condolences on twitter saying the thoughts and prayers are with the victims. a popular and unexpected tv
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today hillary clinton is in her first in the nation caucus state, iowa for all the candidates tries to reintroduce herself to voters who may not feel like they know her. nbc's jay gray joins us now from monticello iowa for a preview. hey, jay. >> reporter: hey there. great to talk to you, barbara. hillary clinton's plan to meet as many voters as possible face to face or small groups part of an effort to make her second run for the white house much more personal. if the idea was to start low key, hillary clinton picked the perfect place. in the middle of iowa farm country, a tiny kirkwood community college, where she's launching a presidential campaign in what she calls a listening tour. an effort to reach out to voters
11:48 am
in smaller more personal settings. >> we have to run a state by state campaign and living rooms and dining halls across the country. >> reporter: looking to build a coalition of women, latinos, african-americans and millennials, a formula that carries president obama to the white house and swept her out of the race eight years ago. a rebranding effort that even support earls admit will be difficult. >> she's going to have a challenge on her hands, i think. >> reporter: while the challenge from republican hopefuls is growing. senator rubio began his run for the white house yesterday by taking a swipe at the former secretary of state. >> a leader from yesterday began a campaign for president by promising to take us back to yesterday. >> reporter: rand paul and ted cruz on the trail, as well. while jeb bush hasn't made it official, the gop candidates now have a target on the other side of the ticket. >> hillary clinton represents the worst of the washington
11:49 am
machine. the arrogance of power, corruption and cover-up. >> reporter: an image that doesn't play well in the heartland which is exactly why clinton is here. now, look. after the educational forum with students and teachers clinton will travel to nor walk outside of des moines and hold a business roundtable on wednesday there. that's the latest live here in iowa. i'm jay gray. barbara, back to you. >> thank you, jay. angie? right now a jury is entering its sixth day of deliberations in the aaron hernandez trial. the jury has deliberated more than 27 hours so far since it received the case last tuesday. the former nfl star facing first and second-degree murder charges in the connection of the death of 0oden lloyd. jurors have not given an indication they cannot make a decision. chuck? outside we're still dealing with rain drops outside.
11:50 am
right? this is going to be the continuing the case for the remainder of your tuesday, everybody. if you haven't found that umbrella yet, you need it for sure. maryland and i'm going out to the school in leesburg this morning. and it's going to be raining on me all afternoon long as well. down into southern maryland clinton, maryland waldorf, fredericksburg all sitting in rain drops for now and continues for the remainder of the day. umbrellas at the ready. here's the next four days. 60s tomorrow. 60s with sunshine coming back tomorrow. rain chances increase thursday night and friday. next time i see you we'll talk about the weekend. all right, chuck. we are keeping an eye on the space-x twitter page to hear if the rocket will lift off later today. fast-moving storms scrubbed yesterday's planned launch from florida. today's liftoff attempt scheduled for 4:10 this afternoon. the rocket is carrying 2 tons of
11:51 am
supplies to the international space station with experiments and an espresso maker we've been talking about. >> one more day of instant coffee barbara. opening tomorrow the duck commander the musical based on the popular and controversial family from the serial yes, sir "duck dynasty." >> we're going to take "duck dynasty" and make it a musical. >> that's how it happened. we had written the book. igt after it came out, the theater agent said it's -- it's a musical. >> a musical here we were like are you? >> well here's how it is billed. the duck commander musical translates the louisiana bayou to the las vegas stage and playing at the rio and casino in las vegas. we'll be back in one minute.
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150 years ago today president lincoln was shot at
11:53 am
ford's theater in downtown washington. as a tribute to the 16th president, the theater is holding a ceremony starting at 9:00 tonight. the theater's holding several different events. we put a list on the nbc washington app. search lincoln. after the commemoration tonight, there will be a vigil on 10th street northwest. tomorrow morning church bells will toll across the city at the same time of day that he died. angie? here's a tip. don't fly drones in someone's home and that includes animals. take a look at this. a zoo attached a camera to a zone to show animals for a dutch television show. all is going great until one chimp right there just had had enough. boom. as it passes by he's swatting at it with the stick. sending it straight to the ground. the chimps check out the drone for a few minutes before losing interest and just walking away. that's it for the zoo's tv show pretty much. i guess it's a wrap. it is all done. barbara, apparently the drone
11:54 am
was destroyed. primates they need privacy, too, obviously. >> would you do the same thing if something you didn't know what it was, flying past you? >> you hear the reports now of people on the beach and looking up and drones above them and it totally does feel invasive. you know? >> it does. i guess we'll get some rules and been talking about that. after the break, a look at how much rain to expect today. we don't want anym
11:55 am
straussburg hopes to turn the nats season around tonight at 6:10 p.m. at fenway park. many fans are concerned with the team's sluggish 2-5 start. we put the question to you, earlier. is it too soon to panic about the nationals slow start? 63% said yes. it is too soon to panic. everybody, you need to relax. and then we have the 37%, almost
11:56 am
40% saying it is not too soon to panic. we have got to find some way of you know getting right on track and always such high expectations for this team. two years in a row. looking really good after spring training. >> as long as they don't lose the spirit. yesterday was kind of crazy to look at. chuck, what's going on? >> 155 games left. that's it. playing at home today they would be getting rained out. tomorrow great weather returns but only for a brief lime. rain showers thursday night and friday and chance for rain both days and better chance is on your saturday. >> thank you, chuck. everybody, hope you can stay dry today. that's news 4 midday. more news at 4:00 5:00 and 6:00 this afternoon. and then tomorrow morning for news 4 today. >> join us tomorrow at 11:00. we hope you will. .
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
i can't believe you kept this date
12:00 pm
with me after you spent the night in the o.r. well i wanted to see you and give you this. yeah, parker drew it before he went to chloe's. oh, that sweetheart he's quite an artist isn't he? yeah, he is. spoke to him last night. and he made a point of telling me to tell his grandma he misses her "big time." i am so touched. you know i miss him too as do you, but i'm really glad that nothing is gonna ep you from getting some rest today. - mm. - [laughs] [footsteps tapping] i hope. what you standing over there for? come on over.


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